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niley_ftw's Journal

Niley for the win.
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All Members , Moderated
  • Make all posts Members-Only
  • Keep all posts Nick Jonas/Miley Cyrus related.
  • Please keep vidoes, large pictures ect. under a cut. Learn how to make cuts here. But if it's only one video, it may be outside of a cut.
  • Icons posts are allowed. BUT they must be Niley related and only have three examples outside of a cut.
  • When posting news please leave a source, same goes for videos. Please also leave a link.
  • CHECK THE TAGS before posting.
  • No being rude to other member or Niley. If you are having problems with this, please pm a mod.
  • Cussing and all that jazz is allowed. We know it's hard to control our thoughts on Miley and Nick's sexy-ness.
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